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Spirit has called onto me, to help women on this important ascension step.
A woman’s womb is an extremely powerful place of creation and manifestation when it is cleared properly and reactivated. It is the sacred mystical chalice! Unfortunately, many lifetimes of patriarchal programs of limitation, misplaced sexual energy and abuse, spiritual bullying and even black magic spells have kept women from their highest embodiment. This, at last, is changing as we are presently entering a time of rising for the Divine Feminine. Women everywhere are waking up to ancient knowledge and reconnecting with their God given powers. Along with spirit, I  will lead on a journey to:

-Clear your womb of trauma and ancestral wounding

-Clear your womb from all dark imprints/programs and misplaced sexual energy

-Reclaim your innocence and Divine purity

-Reactivate the 7 gateways of your womb to help you step into your Divine feminine embodiment fully.

Includes 4 sessions  (Via video chat)

555$ USD

Extended healing journey of 8 sessions  (incuding, coaching, trauma healing & energy healing)

888$ USD

What is included in my sessions?
Session 1
Womb Therapy
I will lead you, through deep almost hypnotic work  to examine the programming that is keeping you from embodying your Divine Feminine power.
Session 2
Claiming your power through Shamanic Womb work.
Session 3
Crystalline womb clearing
Crystal Womb healing to prepare you for your sacred womb activation.
Session 4
7 Womb Gateways activation
When you finally clear your womb and you step into your sovereign feminine power. Your womb is ready to get reactivated to hold the space of powerful cosmic creation that is meant to be.