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Hi Dear Hearts

My name is Lili Sweet,

I am a spiritual soul guide/coach and an energy healer.

My passions also include meditation, breath-work, hiking and arts.

I have been on the conscious path of Soul and Spiritual development
 for over 15 years now.

While on my path, many times I wished I could reach out for help but I didn’t feel conventional therapy would bring me the help and clarity I needed ( of course, it may be right, necessary, or complementary for you). In hindsight a spiritual coach would’ve been just what I needed but I was not aware of anyone of the sort back then. I’ve essentially created the service I would’ve liked to receive back then.







It's important to find support during your spiritual journey and know that you don't have to get through mental, emotional and physical hurdles on your own. Giving yourself the gift of support is a beautiful way to show yourself kindness and nurturing.


I want to help mirror to you your magnificence, sacred purpose and magic so that you can gain clarity, confidence, self-love and a greater sense of connection.

We may do trauma work to release and heal negative programmings of unworthiness, abandonment, rejection, shame, betrayal or anger. We will work through your setbacks and help you nurture better habits. I will bring you to find answers within, gaining new insights to free you from limiting beliefs.


My job is essentially to guide you to the light within your sacred heart space where all the answers and blessings you seek reside. I will guide you to embody the qualities of your higher self so you can thrive in your highest timeline.


I want to empower you to know that you have all the necessary tools inside of you and I will help you to thrive by making these gifts emerge.

The spiritual guidance / coaching I offer approaches every aspect of a person's life – body, mind, and spirit – in relation to the whole. It can help you access your full potential, activate your spiritual power, and make powerful transformational changes on your ascension -sovereignty journey. It can help you heal your physical body as well as we uncover the emotionnal roots of your physical traumas.

I can't wait to see you thrive and embody your best self!

Here are some of the shifts I can help you move through:


  • Develop powerful Self-Love

  • Heal past traumas and emotional triggers (anger, shame, abandonment, rejection…)

  • Inner child healing

  • Transmute negative programming

  • Shadow work with self compassion

  • Help you heal your relationships and forgive (and be forgiven)

  • Help you surrender and let go of control

  • Be more authentic, be un-apologetically you!

  • Connect to your higher self and find the answers you already have within

  • Fulfill your divine purpose/mission

  • Create your dream life (and establish what that is)

  • Respect yourself and create healthy boundaries

  • Help you grow joyfully, with a lot of self-love & self-compassion

  • Shine a light on your thought processes so that you may become more conscious.

  • Assist you emotionally/mentally in general (or if you are going through physical illness).

  • Help you release anything negative in your life

  • Help you become more independent

  • Release you from unhealthy perfectionism

  • Help you become more conscious of your body’s needs

  • Help set up a spiritual/physical hygiene routine if needed

  • Help you let go of toxic habits and relationships

  • Help you deal with empathy/hypersensitivity

  • Boost your self esteem & believe in yourself

  • Embrace your gifts and master your creative power

  • Help you vibrate higher so can attract the life of dreams /Work with the law of attraction

  • Connect to Oneness and embrace your sovereignty (The power of your God within)

  • Help you to attract your soulmate

  • Help you shape your life with the power of intention and focus

  • Help you understand/manage your mystical or paranormal experiences

  • Help you develop a meditation and a morning practice (the basis of a healthy spiritual life)

  • Give you tools like breath-work exercises / various modalities part of spiritual hygiene

  • Helps you understand how your physical ailments are emotionally rooted.


Awakening/spiritual coaching/Soul guidance

Mindset and mindfulness Coaching

Parts Work and Completion work trauma healer

Pranic healing & pranic psychotherapy (energy healing technique for physical and psychological applications). In studio & distance healing available).

Breath-work therapist  (cope with stress, negativity, disease, learn to breathe properly).

Mindfulness & meditation coach (to help you be more present and aware and take your meditation practice to the next level).

Kriya yoga practitioner (learning the way of the yogis to access healing, longevity and enlightenment).

Quantum Healing /Visualization (tap into your best timelines or potential to help create yourself).

Crystal healer/reiki healer/pranic healer (long distant healing available).

Spiritual Mystic and intuitive shaman (understanding of the universe’s laws, understanding of mystical experiences and paranormal activity, connection to the Elements…)

how to book a session

Head to THIS PAGE to explore session options

Coaching sessions will take place on Zoom (video conference app). Please make sure you download the free app before the session. Download the Zoom app here.

After booking, you will receive a confirmation email and Zoom conference code to join on day-of.

Please weed out distractions during your session and allow for some privacy.

Make time and space to be completely focused on your session.

Sessions Available:

Spiritual coaching session via video conference (1h15 min)

Trauma Processing / Soul healing / Deep shadow work

These session are guided by my higher self and may include channeled messages. I will guide you to go very deep using a combination of tools, like of inner child regression work. I use methods to help you release and therefore heal trapped trauma and repressed emotions. This is deep shadow work. The superhighway to thriving once more and healing yourself. Release and free yourself of abandonment, rejection, unworthiness, anger and shame programmings. These sessions can also be purchased in bundles (priced like coaching sessions or combined with coaching sessions)

Coaching & Hiking Regular coaching session while taking a walk in the woods

(takes place in Montreal, Canada at the Wesmount Summit Woods) when weather allows) (1.5h)

Long Distance Energy Healing Session. (45m)

Healing sessions include a blend of energy healing technique. Primarily Pranic healing, reiki, crystal healing, ascended master and angelic healing & sacred flame healing.

Coaching & Healing Combined:

I find coaching very efficient to help you uproot the emotional source of your imbalance so that it does not return.
Healing sessions include a blend of energy healing technique. Primarily Pranic healing, reiki, crystal healing, ascended master and angelic healing & sacred flame healing.
-Treats mental, emotional and physical imbalances.

Meditation & Breath-work coaching/guidance session

Begin or deepen your meditation practice and integrate breath-work and exercizes to help you navigate overwhelming thoughts and emotions. Explore mantras and sound healing practices.

Ascension & Sovereignty journey coaching

Ascension journey? Sovereignty? If these are terms familiar to you, I am here to help you  navigate on your path. My goal is meet you where you are on your ascension journey. I want to help you strengthen your faith and confidence and help you embody the Divine powerhouse that you are by surrendering to your highest purpose and expression.

Sacred Goddess Womb Healing session 

The womb is basically a container for every repressed emotions we have ever had. It also holds on to distorted sexual energy, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. It holds on to unresolved past relationship issues, past traumas and so on. The sacral chakra is basically one of the most blocked centers for women.

This healing works to clear not only energy from this lifetime but but also from your ancestors and lineage. It is a meant to support and restore your Divine light, innocence and sovereign Divine feminine power. It is one of the most important steps for a woman on her ascension path.
The clearing and reactivation of the womb makes way for a deeper connection with the Earth and the cosmic womb. It leads you to have a deeper understanding and proper use of your creative powers.


Have you experienced paranormal activity on your journey?

If this is causing you to feel scared or alone, I have been there and am able to provide guidance and if necessary help you clear disruptive energies around you.

I also have had many positive mystical experiences and although I can not understand or explain all these manifestations, I can help you navigate through them and provide support on your path.

Light Language Inner Child Healing session

In this light language session we will focus on inner child healing. We will engage in playful practices, involving sound play with a child/divine heart connection, automatic drawing and expressive movement to get you out of your head and into your authentic divine expression.  These are very powerful sessions that help release massive amounts of fear and trapped energy. You will make a huge leap forward towards becoming your authentic free sovereign self.


                   A spiritual awakening is the dissolving of the illusion that you are separate from oneness.

You begin to dis-identify from your ego-mind (the voice of judgement in your head). When this voice is quieted and we learn sink into our bodies,  we enter a state of presence and connection.


A meditation practice often helps to induce this state and achieve a feeling of oneness and higher consciousness where mystical experiences and blissful states are achievable. By devoting ourselves to quieting the mind we discover the language of oneness (vibration) and begin to experience the world as new. 

Essentially,  you comprehend that you are not your mind but the consciousness observing it.   If this is hard for you to understand, I suggest reading ''The Power of Now'' by Eckart Tolle  (The author explains and explores this subject in depth).


This profound revelation leads you to understand the grand illusion you were living in and can be extremely difficult to process. We are led to re-examine and shine light on every false-beliefs, social programming and illusions we have ever bought into.

When the ego is quieted and our higher self is engaged/observing, we enter a state of presence and connection where reality/oneness can be explored in a brand new way.



















-Clears your entire energy body of bioplasmic matter (this is dense energy that clogs your energy body and  may cause illness or depression).

-Clears and energize your energy body and your chakras (your chakras are energy centers) for better health, vitality and emotional wellness.

-Clear your energy body from potential negative entities & negative elementals.

It sounds bad but most people have these as they are brought on by our negative emotions, sexual activity or consumption of plant medicine, drugs, meat, alcohol, sugar or caffeine.

Cut cords to draining energies.

Sleep better!

Helps with physical, mental and emotional wellness

Helps to quit toxic habits and addictions.



Principally, I will use crystal pranic healing in my sessions but I may combine it with other healing modalities. In  pranic healing, I will clear all negative energy from your chakra system, organs and energetic bodies and I will energize your system as needed. Recently, with covid I have done more and more distance healing sessions and they have proven to be as efficient as in person sessions.

Pranic Psychotherapy: Pranic healing  for mental and emotional applications.

Crystal Healing: I work with the assistance of gemstones in my practice.

Quantum Healing /Embodiment: Drawing from your highest timeline to embody the best version of yourself

Angelic and Ascended Master healing: The assistance of these light beings, the sacred flames and the rays makes it for very powerful transmissions.

Sacred Goddess Womb Healing session

(Involves guided meditation, breathwork and energy healing).

What is it?

Undergoing ancient womb healing signifies that you seek more out of your life than you previously had. This is certainly true for relationships. When the womb chakra is purified and strengthened, we have the ability to transform any kind of relationship we may be engaged in – or wish to engage in. Ancient womb healing has been said to: help attract the right partner and soul mate; dissolve painful links to past relationships; resolve relationship difficulties between you and your spouse, parent, child, and family; and disconnect from abusive relationships. Having the power of the womb chakra on your side will help you through your relationship woes past and present.
Ancient womb healing is also prevalent in stirring your creativity. We are able to do wonders in the world after taking part in ancient womb healing. If you have been having difficulties getting something going in your life, the womb chakra’s energy will be able to help you see your vision through to the end.
Ancient womb healing has many other healing properties as well. The process has the ability to reduce anxiety, overcome grief and loss, wash away anger, navigate life transitions, handle stress effectively, remove negative spirit attachments and energies, help with clearing your body of negative spirits and energies, and aid you with your spiritual longing and finally open your heart.




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