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Dear Beautiful Divine Beings,  My name is Lili Sweet,

I am a spiritual guide that is qualified to help you remove mental, emotional and physical blocks on your spiritual journey. My goal is to help you thrive by dismantling your negative programming and help you embody the highest version of yourself. Spirit works through me as your guide to help you heal trauma and self-sabotaging patterns.   Once your blocks are mostly cleared, I will empower you and assist you to rise to your highest embodiment. I am a spiritual mystic and yogi and I understand spiritual laws and energetic shortcuts you can take to achieve anything you want. I am also a qualified energy healer (I combine many techniques) and a trained spiritual coach. I am the right match for you if you desire to commit to accelerate your healing and ascension journey and become a magnet for all your heart’s desires.

What do you say?
Let’s take a journey together to clear your blocks and make you energetically irresistible!!!

Soul Coaching sessions and bundles are custom designed for each person and may include a combination of techniques depending on what is required to meet your particular needs (Spiritual coaching, trauma healing, trauma regression, inner child healing, energy healing, light language healing, light codes activations, divine embodiment coaching, guided meditations, quantum healing, etc...)

Sessions take place over Video Chat or phone.

Sessions are 1h to 1h15min

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Here are some of the shifts I can help you move through:


  • Develop powerful Self-Love

  • Heal past traumas and emotional triggers (anger, shame, abandonment, rejection…)

  • Heal Ancestral programming

  • Inner child healing

  • Transmute negative programming

  • Shadow work with self compassion

  • Help you heal your relationships and forgive (and be forgiven)

  • Help you surrender and let go of control

  • Be more authentic, be un-apologetically you!

  • Connect to your higher self and find the answers you already have within

  • Fulfill your divine purpose/mission

  • Create your dream life (and establish what that is)

  • Respect yourself and create healthy boundaries

  • Help you grow joyfully, with a lot of self-love & self-compassion

  • Shine a light on your thought processes so that you may become more conscious.

  • Assist you emotionally/mentally in general (or if you are going through physical illness).

  • Help you release anything negative in your life

  • Help you become more independent

  • Release you from unhealthy perfectionism

  • Help you become more conscious of your body’s needs

  • Help set up a spiritual/physical hygiene routine if needed

  • Help you let go of toxic habits and relationships

  • Help you deal with empathy/hypersensitivity

  • Boost your self esteem & believe in yourself

  • Embrace your gifts and master your creative power

  • Help you vibrate higher so can attract the life of dreams /Work with the law of attraction

  • Connect to Oneness and embrace your sovereignty (The power of your God within)

  • Help you to attract your soulmate

  • Help you shape your life with the power of intention and focus

  • Help you understand/manage your mystical or paranormal experiences

  • Help you develop a meditation and a morning practice (the basis of a healthy spiritual life)

  • Give you tools like breath-work exercises / various modalities part of spiritual hygiene

  • Helps you understand how your physical ailments are emotionally rooted.

Disclaimer: All sessions do not replace traditional therapy and are for entertainment purposes only.


Awakening/spiritual coaching/Soul guidance

Mindset and mindfulness Coaching

Parts Work and Completion work trauma healer, Spirit guided trauma healing

Pranic healing & pranic psychotherapy (energy healing technique for physical and psychological applications). In studio & distance healing available).

Breath-work therapist  (cope with stress, negativity, disease, learn to breathe properly).

Mindfulness & meditation coach (to help you be more present and aware and take your meditation practice to the next level).

Kriya yoga practitioner (learning the way of the yogis to access healing, longevity and enlightenment).

Quantum Healing /Visualization (tap into your best timelines or potential to help create yourself).

Crystal healer/reiki healer/pranic healer (long distant healing available).

Spiritual Mystic and intuitive shaman (understanding of the universe’s laws, understanding of mystical experiences and paranormal activity, connection to the Elements…)




Spirit has called onto me, to help women on this important ascension step.
A woman’s womb is an extremely powerful place of creation and manifestation when it is cleared properly and reactivated. It is the sacred mystical chalice! Unfortunately, many lifetimes of patriarchal programs of limitation, misplaced sexual energy and abuse, spiritual bullying and even black magic spells have kept women from their highest embodiment. This, at last, is changing as we are presently entering a time of rising for the Divine Feminine. Women everywhere are waking up to ancient knowledge and reconnecting with their God given powers. Along with spirit, I  will lead on a journey to:

-Clear your womb of trauma and ancestral wounding

-Clear your womb from all dark imprints/programs and misplaced sexual energy

-Reclaim your innocence and Divine purity

-Reactivate the 7 gateways of your womb to help you step into your Divine feminine embodiment fully.






-Clears your entire energy body of bioplasmic matter (this is dense energy that clogs your energy body and  may cause illness or depression).

-Clears and energize your energy body and your chakras (your chakras are energy centers) for better health, vitality and emotional wellness.

-Clear your energy body from potential negative entities & negative elementals.

It sounds bad but most people have these as they are brought on by our negative emotions, sexual activity or consumption of plant medicine, drugs, meat, alcohol, sugar or caffeine.

Cut cords to draining energies.

Sleep better!

Helps with physical, mental and emotional wellness

Helps to quit toxic habits and addictions.



Principally, I will use crystal pranic healing in my sessions but I may combine it with other healing modalities. In  pranic healing, I will clear all negative energy from your chakra system, organs and energetic bodies and I will energize your system as needed. Recently, with covid I have done more and more distance healing sessions and they have proven to be as efficient as in person sessions.

Pranic Psychotherapy: Pranic healing  for mental and emotional applications.

Crystal Healing: I work with the assistance of gemstones in my practice.

Quantum Healing /Embodiment: Drawing from your highest timeline to embody the best version of yourself

Angelic and Ascended Master healing: The assistance of these light beings, the sacred flames and the rays makes it for very powerful transmissions.