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Each Session length:  1H15 to 1H30

Send me a photo of yourself or we'll connect on video chat. Remote healing is as efficient as in person healing.

Healing sessions include a blend of energy healing technique. Pranic crystal healing, reiki, crystal healing, ascended master and angelic healing & sacred flame healing.

-Treats mental, emotional and physical inbalances. Full energetic body reset! Chakra Clearing, Energetic body clearing, Physical body clearing, Organs are cleansed , Cord cutting, entity/elemental clearing.

5 sessions for 444$ USD

10 sessions for 888$ USD


Why I use a crystal wand for healing?
Crystals are extremely powerful magnifiers of energy (They can magnify the energy of your intention/healing,  a thousand fold) . They also have a live consciousness and love to take Source inspired directions. They are the absolute best and most powerful sidekick  a healer can have!


-Clears your entire energy body of bioplasmic matter (this is dense energy that clogs your energy body and  may cause illness or depression).

-Clears and energize your energy body and your chakras (your chakras are energy centers) for better health, vitality and emotional wellness.

-Clear your energy body from potential negative entities & negative elementals.

It sounds bad but most people have these as they are brought on by our negative emotions, sexual activity or consumption of plant medicine, drugs, meat, alcohol, sugar or caffeine.

Cut cords to draining energies.

Sleep better!

Helps with physical, mental and emotional wellness

Helps to quit toxic habits and addictions.



Principally, I will use crystal pranic healing in my sessions but I may combine it with other healing modalities. In  pranic healing, I will clear all negative energy from your chakra system, organs and energetic bodies and I will energize your system as needed. Recently, with covid I have done more and more distance healing sessions and they have proven to be as efficient as in person sessions.

Pranic Psychotherapy: Pranic healing  for mental and emotional applications.

Crystal Healing: I work with the assistance of gemstones in my practice.

Quantum Healing /Embodiment: Drawing from your highest timeline to embody the best version of yourself

Angelic and Ascended Master healing: The assistance of these light beings, the sacred flames and the rays makes it for very powerful transmissions.



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