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illuminate your womb©

 A Womb Healing Journey

 A trauma Recovery and Womb Healing Journey

one-on-one mentoring

 The truth is you are a powerful

Creatrix Goddess!

"Once, your womb was a place where you harvested Divine energies, pure Divine power and you took that power to create magnificence for yourself and the collective. And you felt so much bliss and pure Divine pleasure from your embodiment."

Hi, I am Lili Sweet. I am a Magdalene Womb Priestess, here in mission to help as many of my sisters as possible to reclaim lost pieces of themselves, heal distortions and clear programs that need to fall away to reclaim your Divine Feminine power.


If you are guided to me, it is because you are ready. You are ready to let go of what is left that is burdening you. You have been preparing to receive the Goddess/Womb light codes and to connect with the remembrance of who you are. You are ready to let the chains of the matrix fall away and to step once more into your Divine Feminine power, your sacred heart and your highest embodiment.

You are ready to heal completely so you can fully shine the radiance of your heart and step into your authentic power. You are ready to reconnect with the elements, remember the sacredness in your menstrual blood, to reclaim the purity of your sexuality, to restore your innocence and to call the patriarchy into sacred harmony and Divine Union with the feminine as you reclaim the power you once lost (and so much more!). You are here because you are taking this crucial sacred step on your ascension journey. You are raising your frequency.

With the help of my guides I have designed a special womb healing journey for you to heal from trauma (trauma is often lodged in the womb), clear away negative programming, clear away ancestral wounds and step into your Divine feminine "Creatrix" power.

In one session per week sessions (of 1h to 1.15h), over 8 or 12 weeks

We will connect, one-on-one, over video chat or phone

We will schedule a time that works for both of us.

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Week 1


-Journey Oveview
-Foundational Spiritual teachings
-Understanding the power of your womb
-Important Ascended Master Teachings
-The I Am Presence and The Sacred Violet Flame
-The power of your womb
-Removal of Negative Elementals & Negative energies
-Basic Energy Management
-Breathwork to clear the womb and maintain optimum health
-How to work with crystals to clear your womb
-De-armouring the womb with crystals and yoga
-Yoga asana sequence for de-armoring


Week 2 & 3


In order to reactivate the womb It is crucial that we work on clearing it first.

Instead of Divine empowerment, unfortunately, the womb (the Hara for men) has become a place to store trauma and fear. The womb englobes the outer and inner sexual organs & the lower chakras. The digestive system is also directly affected by the state of the womb.
Clearing trauma can take years of work depending on the severity of the trauma but I will help you accelerate this process. I will help you address your main traumas and give you empowering tools to heal your inner child and to continue this clearing process on your own. My goal is to empower you to understand how to heal yourself.

You also don’t need to have had a major traumatic event in your life to hold on to traumatic energy. Trauma affects most of us . It can come from early childhood, from past lives, it can cause a lack of worthiness or confidence, ptsd, financial blocks, feelings of rejection and abandonment or fear of betrayal, shame or guilt. We can also examine things like imposter syndrome, fear of embodying your authentic self and shinning your light, having a hard time with setting boundaries, feelings of limitations or being cursed etc…Whatever your struggles, we will uproot them.


Note:  One of my specialties, is assisting you to clear your traumas. Choose a 12 weeks journey and add 4 more weeks of support to focus on clearing core wounds and traumas, emotional mental & physical blocks & negative programming. If you are struggling in that department or wanting extra help to transmute this energy it is highly suggested to upgrade your package to 12 weeks instead of 8.


Week 4


Let us step further into your womb priestess power and visit what it means to embody the qualities of the Divine feminine fully.

Your sovereignty is the embodiment of the Source of your being.

In this session, I will lead you on a:

-Quantum Goddess Embodiment Journey

-An energetic Womb Healing Practice

-We will examine what it means to step into your power

-I will help you restore your clairsenses with this powerful

Pineal Gland activation practice


Week 5


In this session we will observe the energy of your lineage and see how it is presently influencing you.

How is your heritage impacting you?

We will call on your wise ancestors to assist us to understand the burdens that were passed on to you and how you can transcend this energy to leap forward.

What energetic blocks can we remove from your ancestral line?

As you heal yourself, I can hear your ancestors cheering for your freedom and theirs.

Many of us lightworkers, are the cycle breakers in this incarnation. It means we are in charge of clearing the dense energy, the wounds and distortions passed on to us from generation to generation, so we can move on to a new heart-based consciousness.

It’s time for a fresh start!


Week 6


For many lifetimes now, women have been robbed of their power.
We have been forced into loveless marriages, giving our purity away and betraying our sacredness.
We have been mocked for our intuition and psychic abilities and even burnt at the stake for these very things. Every blow was an attempt at weakening our God-given powers of creating by connecting with the cosmic energies.

There are even black magic curses placed upon women to keep them from rising into their Divine Feminine Creatrix power.

We will clear that!

We have been subservient to the dominance of a patriarchal society, suffering the extreme lack of balance that a world managed mostly by men provides.

In modern times, while we have more freedom, there is still a lack of balance.

While many of these structures are still very present, women everywhere are beginning to claim their power back. The Divine Feminine is rising. TIt is a glorious time! The time has come for our wombs to awaken once more! Since I have been initiated to do so, I am here to guide you in this process.

In this very important step, we will address these programs with the intention to delete them and to claim our power back.



Week 7


Astral travel to the Womb Healing Temple and and restore your womb’s purity, innocence, sacredness and power with the assistance of Ascended master Mary Magdalene and Archangel Mary. Receive the powerful Magdalene Rose light codes.


Week 8


With the help of the Goddesses, in this session we will clear, heal and reactivate each gateway of your womb for full womb reactivation.


The gateways are: your clitoris and your lips, your gspot, your cervix, base of the womb, the right and left side of your womb and ovaries, the ceiling of your womb and finally the centre of your womb.

I will explain what each gateway represent and we will connect to this energy. You will receive womb light codes from the Goddesses and myself and a crystal healing from me.

Once your womb is reactivated I will show you how to use it for powerful creations.



" The womb healing was such a sweet and powerful experience. I felt safe in Lili's presence and I let her guide me through the process. It was an experience every woman should have at least once in her life. Experiencing the womb healing after years of storing pain, traumas and sufferings, it was one of the best revelation of self love I could ever get. It has changed the way I see and feel my body. I feel like being more gentle with it because I see how fragile it is and how I took myself for granted so many times. How others treated me and how I treated myself, with lack of awareness most of the time. Lili is so powerful that even if the sessions were online, I felt as if we were in the same room together. She helped me open my Pandora's box and go gently through whatever was coming up for healing. I appreciate her guidance and support."

                                                                                                                                         Diana Aldea

"The womb healing helped me to feel an intense connection with the Earth and feel deeply rooted. Everything in nature became more alive to me and physically recharged my body. It helped me remain in a high vibration and not let the external environment affect my inner-self. My meditations became more powerful and recharging. I am even able to feel the energies and vibrations of my crystals now. To put it in one sentence, the womb healing brought me to a higher state of consciousness."

                                                                                                                                        Morgan Pavelock

I highly recommend contacting Lili to have this beautiful process done. I healed things from past lives and this one. It definitely made a difference in my life.


"I had a womb healing with Lili and it was absolutely powerful. I am a sexual abuse survivor and I felt it was something that was really important and it has shifted everything for me! It was massive! Massive releasing for me. I can't believe how much I could feel the releasing. It was quite an incredible and emotional experience. There were realizations of things I thought I had healed but that I hadn't which had come up. To be able to release them came with huge relief. My relationship with my twin flame has improved massively since I've had the womb healing. Thank you so much Lili, it was really profound. If you have not done this process with Lili, you really, really should. It's life changing!  Thank you Lili!"

                                                                                                                                   Danae Anceso


lili portrait heart copy 2.jpeg

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Book a 8 Weeks Journey!

Book a 12 weeks journey!

The 12 weeks journey is highly suggested for someone who wants more focus on dissolving core traumas /emotional /mental and physical wounds & negative programming more deeply.

If you are feeling the call, please reach out!

BOOK A CONNECT CALL, We will see how I can customize this experience to serve your highest expansion, I will clarify any questions you might have, and we can explore the best suited package for you. Prices are very reasonable and there is no pressure to enroll.

Payment plans available /experience is customized for each participant.

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