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Recently, I did a meditation on healing the heart. During this process I was shown the stories that keep me from opening up on a deeper level.

One of the main stories that I have told myself during this life is that: “I don’t fit in anywhere”…

I saw myself in so many situations all through my life, feeling outcasted, feeling like this sad piece of puzzle that does not meld into the decor. I saw myself trying so hard to fit in and failing over and over again.

“What is wrong with me? Why don’t I feel like I belong anywhere? Why am I experiencing things that I can’t seem to share with anyone because it seems that no one else is experiencing this? Why do I seem to understand things in a different way?

I knew I didn’t fit in a box and I was beating myself up for it.

The thing is it’s easier for some people to fit in a box than others. Some will tell you it’s the only way to live. Some find it slightly uncomfortable but have adjusted. Some suffer in it in silence but know that the cost of coming out is losing everything and everyone they’ve ever loved and they won’t risk that…

In my case I explored the box and realized I’d rather die than be in it. It’s just uncomfortable for me to that extent. Also I’d rather lose everything and everyone than compromise my spirit like that.

The truth is we are neither boxes or puzzle pieces. Society wants to label people and things and compartmentalize them in neat little boxes or it wants to freeze people in time. That doesn’t leave room for us to explore things outside that box. Instead we try to cram our creativity, our emotions and our expressions in that finite space. We often compress and limit our self-expression because our full spectrum of emotions, our nuanced colours and vibrance might be too much for people to take…It might actually shake the societal mold and that’s way too scary! People feel safer when they can read your abbreviated manual (ex: Middle aged straight white agnostic male, metal head, electrician OR: Young biracial liberal jewish lesbian librarian…)

What if the role of the people living outside the box is to inspire one-another to embrace their unique aspects, nuances and forever changing expressions wholeheartedly and to show that it can be safe for others to do the same???

But when this last thought occurred to me, I heard the fearful voice of the matrix echo it’s threat:


Are you Neo?

Because this system of boxes, IS in fact the limiting structure of the matrix, and those who dare to break away from it are going to be challenged. Because the system wants to keep people separate (keep the queers separate from the straights and the jews separate from the muslims and the liberals separate from the republicans and so on…) and limit their expressions because if not, we might realize that we are all ONE! And together my friends, we are unstoppable. We can live in peace because our differences are no longer subject to feuds, we will help the less fortunate because we now realize that if one suffer, we all suffer. If we focus on oneness instead of difference most of our Earthly problems will disappear. So you see now, how it is in the interest of the Matrix to separate us?

The matrix has a bad rep but there is actually nothing wrong it. It’s just a dual system put in place to awaken us to our essence. Without shadow there can be no light. The shadows are there to help us rise to our light!

Oneness goes beyond our differences as humans but also extends to all of life (other planets and galaxies included).

Once we realize we are ONE, we also begin to awaken to the truth that: That: ONENESS constitutes all of creation. ALL OF CREATION= SOURCE ENERGY=YOU ARE AN EXPRESSION OF SOURCE ENERGY.

So what does this have to do with my heart meditation? I finally realized I had it wrong all this time…. My job is not to try to fit in or to feel desolate for not fitting in. My job is to embrace and celebrate the ever changing expressions and nuances of my spirit. My job is to fearlessly be myself regardless of the judgements placed upon me. My job is to take my place and use my voice so that I may inspire those around me to do the same.

We are all somewhat afraid of embracing our unique expressions but this is the challenge the human experience offers. One of the goals of life is self-realization which is actually completely embracing yourself as a powerful unique expression of Source Energy.

Who would you be and what manifestations could you allow if you harvested all that power, wisdom, intelligence and love?

May I challenge you by asking these questions:

What labels are you sporting these days?

How is this false identity keeping you from expanding your self-expression and your human experience?

Are you ignoring the suffering that this confinement is causing?

Are you pushing away certain emotions or feelings you would like to express?

Are you living according to a set of rules imposed upon you?

Have you accepted this role for fear of losing the love and respect of those around you?

What fears are keeping you from breaking free?

Yes it is scary to stray from the norm. To follow your own spark. To surrender to the energy that wants flow through you!

This is it: Your job is this one and only thing:

To surrender to the energy that wants to flow through you.

To surrender to the energy that wants to flow through you.

To surrender to the energy that wants to flow through you.

The hardest thing is to let go… Let go of fear, let go of control, let go of false beliefs (including labels), let go of forced trajectories…Let go of people that keep you from your flow…

We may think we know better, but in fact, we know so little. Even the people who have accomplished everything they set out to accomplish often end up depressed and empty because they realize that the plan their ego had set into action might have succeeded, but it didn’t get them the joy, happiness and fulfillment they had set out to find.

Only by going within and surrendering to the flow and the guidance of source energy (the intelligent life force that runs through all of us) can we be lead to our liberation. So our job is to eliminate every resistance in the way of that flow.

So let me ask you?

The plan you set out for yourself, does it light your spirit on fire?

Does it feel right? Does it feel like all of life has been magically orchestrated to lead you here?

Does it allow for your spirit to thrive and expand?

Dear beautiful multidimensional, multilayered, rich and complex, ever-changing, ever expanding infinite and radiant beings, I dare you to set your spirit free and to set your box on fire!

And I dare myself to continue to do so everyday!

Challenge accepted?

Check out this amazing book by Michael A Singer. Throughout his book, The Surrender Experiment, Michael A. Singer teaches us how to surrender to the natural flow of life. He draws inspiration from his own experiences and by sharing his story with us, he makes us feel ready to make a change and to start our journey towards success and spirituality.Singer tells his extraordinary story of what happened when after a deep spiritual awakening in his twenties, he decided to no longer let his personal fears and desires dictate his life but to simply surrender to what life had in store.

Lili Sweet is a spiritual awakening coach,as well as an energy healer.

She enjoys deep conversations, hiking, henna, photography and uncovering life's magic.

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