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Daily Decrees to Command Your Reality

Co-Creating Your Reality With Spirit

Ascension is the journey back to the reclaiming of your Divine power:

The embodiment of your Godself.

When you understand that you are an extension of Source energy, you begin to come out of victimhood and you understand that you are responsible for creating your reality.

Commanding your reality

Co-creating your day with spirit

Why we command our reality:

You are so powerful…

Your words are literally like spells calling onto your desires. That’s why it’s called spelling.

In the 3D illusion here on Earth, you have been conditioned to forget your power, to give it away. Actually how dare you think so highly of yourself??? You must be a narcissist or crazy!

The greatest scam in the universe:

Well the thing is, if you remembered your power, the few people who are in power on this planet would not like this. The people would not obey anymore and follow the matrix rules.

In a way you have been enslaved without realizing it. You have been slowly brainwashed to think that you are unworthy and limited. That you must bow down to false Gods, greedy leader and materialism, and that your power is finite, sometimes even non-existant.

Worst you have been lead to think that you are free and that the limited existence you lead is as good as it gets.


You have forgotten that you once were connected to all of nature and the elements, and you could even communicate with them. You were free to travel anywhere without a passport, you ate freely and accessed the Earth’s goods easily and abundantly, you were not forced to work within the cold confinements of concrete walls. You spent most of your time enjoying life, resting, in meditation, celebrating life with your family. But mostly, you felt truly free. You stood on a mountain top, eyes closed, the wind whispering waves of bliss in your heart, your hands opening up to the sky, looking at a million stars (you could actually see because there was no pollution). You drank the purest water and the tastiest fruits and veggies you could ever dream of tasting. You danced around a fire every night praising the universe and all of life. You were very developed spiritually. All your clairsenses were acute and you could communicate telepathically. Not just with your people but with plants, animals even beings from other planets. You received visions from your guides and angels and other beings guiding you.




We are on spiritual journey as a collective now to reclaim our individual freedom and eventually, our collective freedom. But it starts with each and everyone of us. Waking up from the 3D illusion and refusing to settle for a life of enslavement. We embark on the great ascension journey…

Ascension is the journey back to the reclaiming of your Divine power: The embodiment of your Godself.

When you understand that you are an extension of Source energy, you begin to come out of victimhood and you understand that you are responsible for creating your reality.

If you do not deliberately create it, then you will manifest it by default and your manifestations may not be optimal. You might end up with difficult karmic lessons that are trying to awaken you to take responsibility for your life.

You now begin to understand how your thoughts, your emotions, your words and your actions define your world and affect all of life and you begin to take charge of these things.

One of the simplest things you can do is begin to Command your reality.


-YOU MUST ASK TO RECEIVE!!!. You are the God, so you command!

-YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOUR POWER! The more you believe in your power to create something, the more likely it is to manifest.

-YOU MUST FEEL THE EMOTION OF YOUR DECREE. The universe responds through your vibration, which is emitted through the intensity of your emotion.

-YOU MUST TRUST THAT IT IS DONE, THAT IT IS OR IT WILL MANIFEST IN DIVINE TIMING. You are not needy, or begging or constantly asking when and where your manifestation will show up. You just surrender and trust that it is or that it will or that something even better will show up.


Along with spirit, all through the day, we get in the habit of reclaiming our power in every single act we take by asking/commanding.

Here are great morning decrees you can say but feel free to write your own.

Daily morning commands:

Spirit, today and everyday, please clear me from anything that is not a blessing.

Spirit, create perfect harmony in my etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies

Spirit, cut all my negative energy cords to anyone that is not a blessing.

Spirit, please clear my home from all negative energies.

Spirit, please protect me, my family and my home from all negative energies, negative elementals and all beings that do not care for my highest good.

Spirit please remove and dissolve all negative thoughts and negative programming from me and replace them with 100% divine love, divine wisdom, divine harmony and divine bliss.

Spirit, today and everyday, shower me with Divine blessings of love, healing, perfect health, confidence, faith, trust, wisdom, abundance, prosperity, peace, harmony OR something better.

Spirit please reunite me with my soul family. Unite me with loving, nurturing like minded high frequency friends that I share a pure love and a deep spiritual connection with.

Spirit give me the guidance, the inner knowing, the vision, the clarity, the patience, the tools and the strength I need to fulfill my divine purpose and divine mission today and everyday.

Spirit, please dissolve any blocks and obstacles in my way, protect me from all attempts to interfere with my peace, my safety, my wellbeing or my divine mission.

Spirit, please give me the clarity, the wisdom and all the tools I need to stand in my full divine power and to embody the highest version of myself.

This day and Everyday

This or Something Better

(Add any other commands you wish!)

And so it is!

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