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The Self-Love Statement

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The self-love statement is a declaration of who you envision your best self to be. Having a high vision for yourself begins to shape it.

Thanks to my coach John Strasser for suggesting this powerful exercise. The self-love statement brings us to ask the fundamental questions: Who am I and who am I striving to be? We spend lifetimes creating external projects and often neglecting to create ourselves. Maybe if we focus on creating ourselves, the rest will materialize as a result...

‘’I Am: Two Of The Most Powerful Words, For What You Put After Them Shapes Your Reality.’’

As we declare who we want to be and dare to shoot for an ideal version of ourselves, we begin to allow for our greater potential to grow.

You may have heard this saying: ''I AM: two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shapes your reality.’’ Let's not forget that words are powerful! Positive affirmations, when said with emotions and conviction, are proven to reap rewards.

Where to begin?

First we must reflect on who we are and who we want to be. How do we want to impact the world and the people in our lives? Crafting your statement is a good idea, because it will help you become clear on these things in detail. It will help you understand yourself , your needs and your desires more deeply. It will summon a new vision and a new vibration for yourself.

Having a clearer vision of who you want to be is fertile ground for manifestation.

Have I convinced you to take up this challenge yet? It has helped me to expand tremendously on my sovereignty journey.

Write it, put it on your wall and declare it out loud as often as you can (like a magician casting a spell) and this vision will become a reality. This is a powerful way to create yourself that I recommend to many of my coaching clients.

I would humbly like to share my self-love statement to give you an idea of how to craft yours.

If you are inspired to write your own please share!

I'd be infinitely honored to read it or to hear about your experience.

What impact did it have on you?

Has it expanded the vision you have for yourself?

Would you recommend this exercise to a friend?

My Self-love statement:

who i am

I am in love with life. I am in love with God.

I have unshakable faith.

I love and honor all aspects of my authentic self deeply.

I have demolished all my old resistances in the way of my mastery, which allows universal energy to fill me with perfection and pure bliss.

I am free from the shackles of my mind.

I am one with the universe.

I am a master of allowance. When I fully allow spirit to fill me, I simply go with the flow and surrender to the perfect plan Source has laid out for me.

I know that Source energy knows better and fully supports me. Nothing can go wrong when I follow the flow and I let nothing stand in its way. My job is to be fearless and clear all obstacles in the way. There is nothing to fear when you let Spirit be in charge.

When I am flowing, I am all love. I don’t have to try to love or try to be loving, I simply radiate love because I am allowing spirit to fill me and spirit is love.

Source uses me as a powerful channel for healing and transformation. I am a powerful healer, priestess, shaman, coach, speaker, writer, creator and magician.

I am radiantly healthy and energetic

My hands transmit the healing and blessings of source.

My eyes see through the human illusion and see the truth.

My ears hear the loving hum of creation and the voice of spirit.

I am source energy's messenger and witness.

My words are like powerful spells empowering all to rise to their best potential.

I speak my truth and I am fearlessly authentic.

I am Divine Love and Divine purity in action.

I am Divine compassion and Divine patience.

I am Divine Wisdom and Divine Poise.

I am completely confident in my ability to get anything I want done.

I have all necessary tools given to me whenever I want.

I attract infinite abundance and prosperity effortlessly, which allows me to bless as many people as possible and experience Gaia's delights fully.

I no longer feel the need for approval or acknowledgement as Source is already filling all my needs.

I do not rely on other’s love supply to fill me, I have all I need inside of me.

I disengage from all negativity or victim-like mentality.

Life is supportive, smooth and exciting.

I feel so alive and rewarded by my service to life.

Everyday gets better and better.

The universe loves me and supports me and keeps showering me with infinite blessings.

I am infinitely nurtured and grateful.

I am in harmony with each person who comes in contact with me.

I bless and honor my friends and family with a grateful compassionate and pure heart.

I see divinity in each person and bless each heart.

I am a powerful creator and sovereign being.

Life is absolutely amazing!!!


Lili Sweet is a spiritual awakening coach,as well as an energy healer.

She enjoys deep conversations, hiking, henna, photography and uncovering life's magic.

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